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Team 180 days AF repositoryI took a MUCH needed shower and read some paper. I did not have any clients today because I knew that I need to be fasting and have blood work drawn, Yearly stuff and thyroid and d3. Hope my insurance pays for it all there key been 5 different thyroid tests that she ran.I see my pdoc on sunday. thought if I will tell her about my AF days or not will wait till I have more days under my belt. So I guess I will just answer her fears as they arise. she’s going to be happy. She was the one who told me to go to AA and get a sponsor. I told her that I do not think that I am an alcoholic. She said go look up the meaning. I went to one AA meeting and did nothing like it at all. they made me speak, I may have told you this already so am duplicated myself.the jordans outlet other day I froze when I went on campus to see my hubby’s students jazz band concert, And went to a different place, Luckily air jordan retro iii usa the parking gods were with me and a place opened up right watching the building. His grad students played well.I have this problem called Raynauds. It is where my fingers and toes turn white and it is a distribution type thingy. It can hurt if I ignore it, really retro jordan 3s sneakers outlet easy to implement hold my hands under hot water to thaw them out. The best way to deal with it is to prevent it from happening.I wore gloves and long under garments but my ankles were

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exposed.Today I wore wool socks and hiking boots and a scarf and it was nice sunny which heated up my car and felt so good. yesterday was rainy and gloomy.WE may be with friends, A pot luck of classes. We are bringing a lot of green bean casserole and hubby is making clam dip. it is quite good! Have not had it for a few years just remembering liking it. Our hosts are cooking a natural turkey. may be 3rd year that we will attend their gathering. They host it for fellow faculty who may possibly not have family there. I hope that I sit with individuals that I know.I am not bringing everything to drink just water. I don’t think that I was drinking last year right but can’t remember.Today I had a very nice lunch at Sandras nutrition store. I had air jordan retro iii usa meat balls and a bowl of butternut squash white jordan cement 3 soup while some beets. All ideal and healthy. I saw 3 foot care businesses then came home.Earlier I had gone to the store to buy the

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casserole ingredients crazy at the shop.I always snack when I got home before dinner and tonight it was bad. I ate almonds and chex cereal snack that my hospice patient gave tome settled half the jar. were being snacking more. yesterday I used a whole can of full fat coconut milk for my coffee. Very harmful but low in carbs. Anyway This week i have used french vanilla creamer.Need to make contact with my dieting but not tomorrow. Too many nutrients to eat.there will be cherry pies! delicious!I have been on this computer for huge time spans and hours. This is becoming my new addiction.Don’t seem have discount air jordan retro iii shoes the ability to ration my time on here, specially when jeff is away. He is gone out that one could friends.I have been sleeping pretty much, I have a lot to be fortunate for: My health and best freinds and family.I am pretty emotionally stable right now so that is a blessing.Here is hoping you get to spend some quality time with your friends or family sometime this long weekend.11 28 2013, 03:22 feelWoo Hoo! commemorate national boss’s day your 100 day+ news! All good things mostly, Sorry about the raynaulds that is not the type of thing you want with cold temperatures. Hope you were fine when it warmed up. Turkey day comes with great food! Have a thrilling time out tomorrow with the friends!We are having our turkey on Sunday as the men are working. I am applying a ham and kielbosie with horseradish, potato salad and baked lima beans. That stays and heats completely.Research says Americans only gain about 1 pound or thanksgiving, A few walks might wear it off.I post on belles blog team 180 now and understand her there. She will email me and I her to keep an eye o n things.I moved into soberistas. blue and white jordan 3 And follow a couple of blogs there and they have a chat room feature and Ihave made a coupleof friends there now so I can chat with peopleall over the world combating alcohol use. The more areas of support I have the better it is easyier to stay answerable.

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